Hotel Arrangements

It has become more and more apparent how much bright and beautiful colors can enhance the look and feel of a hotel. With the hospitality and accommodation market becoming such a competitive one, every advantage one can gain is essential. That is where San Diego Flower Flo Company can make a difference and provide your hotel, or resort with the edge you are looking for.

At San Diego Flower Flo Company, we offer delivery and decorating services to different hotels to cater to corporate events, ceremonies and weddings. We use our range of fresh and in season flower arrangements to brighten up each and every room, and to create a visually pleasing, comforting, and memorable experience.

Our team of skilled decorators have an eye for collecting and piecing together magnificent flower arrangements, bouquets, and baskets which can be used for events alike, or placed in single rooms to welcome special guests – we have a number of arrangements to suit guest rooms, lounge areas, bedside tables and lobby’s.

One of our most recent clients recently implemented a strategy to brighten up their hotel, and captivate their guests and visitors by placing fresh floral arrangements in key areas around the property. We offered a selection of deluxe flower arrangements in hand picked vases and flower baskets, artfully arranged in all the deluxe rooms and suites. This resulted in the rooms looking much more appealing, brighter and larger upon initial entry. To date, the feedback from guests has been fantastic, and the client has seen more positive reviews on major review sites like trip advisor, and yelp. If this is the kind of impact you are looking for, we can definitely provide you with the support, expertise and flowers you need.

If you’re interested in engaging San Diego Flower Flo Company as your floral partner, below you will find a form to be filled out, which will ask for some key information information including your name, address, contact number, property type, and the main services you provide. Please fill out these details and submit this form to us as soon as possible. Once received our team will endeavor to get back to you within 2 – 3 business days, with all the relevant business information you require and a free no-obligation quote for our services.