“SET IT and FORGET IT” with Flower Flo

In today’s busy world, it seems like every time things seem to slow down, something comes along that demands your time; a wedding, a party, anniversary, birthday, etc. It’s hard to stay on top of what gifts you need to send. The task can be pretty daunting, right? With Flower Flo, you can send your best wishes, regards, or condolences with one of our stunning flower arrangements, to the people you want to send them to, when you need to send them. Whereas many companies still make sending flowers a chore, Flower Flo’s hassle free process makes sending flowers a breeze. All you need to do is answer some simple questions and you’re good to go! Flower Flo will take care of the rest, guaranteed.

Flower Flo offers you a chance to stay at the top of your game:
At Flower Flo, we are focused on keeping you at the top of your game. We take care of your friends and loved ones for you, while giving you the space you need to tend to your daily life. With prices that are competitive and services that are impeccable, our “client-centric” approach guarantees reliable deliveries provided on time, every time.

What do we offer?
Visit our website at www.flower-flo.com and see how with just a few simple steps, you can sign up and get immediate access to your account, and take advantage of the following services:
• A stunning selection of gorgeous seasonal flower arrangements, hand delivered when and where you choose!
• Since you choose the frequency of the flower delivery, you can send flowers weekly, every 2 weeks once a month or on important special days; throughout the year.
• Discounts with incredible value for our customers, as well as some great bulk discounts.
• Our referral program offers you the chance to get free delivery for your flower arrangements. Imagine getting this great service for free!

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