Flower Flo – The Best Choice to Express Your Emotions

Emotions are one of the many fortunes of being human, and fortunately for us, we are in the business of emotions. Sending flowers is a great way to show someone that they’re in your thoughts. Kind gestures like this – the little things, can brighten a person’s day. Trust us, we’ve seen it a thousand times. Flower Flo provides you with a solution for all situations – no matter where you are. Based out of San Diego, we are a customer orientated flower company that knows how to create smiles and spread happiness.

What does Flower Flo offer?
Our motto is simple, “SET IT and FORGET IT”. Flower Flo tenders the delivery of exotic flowers to that special someone, when you contact us you simply name the time and the place, and you can rest assured that your order will be delivered. For more consistent orders, we also have the option of our monthly service, a solution we have found works wonders for our regulars. When you subscribe to our monthly service, you simply choose the flowers you want to send; whether they are our priceless red roses or our beautiful and highly sort after seasonal flower arrangements. All you have to do is select and click and you’re good to go!

Get your hands on the service:
A lot of interested customers ask us, “who is our monthly service for?”. The answer is, anyone and everyone with a desire to share some love, or put a smile on the face of a loved one. We have busy executives who utilize our service for their stay at home wives, and clients who send monthly deliveries to their parents, the list goes on. We even provide you the opportunity to send a bouquet of beautiful flowers across our wonderful country? If you think that this service might work for you, all you need to do is head to (http://www.flower-flo.com/) and sign up for our monthly package. It’s more affordable than you think, and it truly is a thoughtful way to show someone you care about that they’re important to you. Your chosen flower arrangement will be delivered every month and you will not need to worry about a thing. Some of the information we will require is as follows:
• The number of flower orders you would like to be delivered per month.
• Any special dates (your wedding anniversary; birthday dates of your family and friends; colleague’s special day, or any other date that holds importance in your life).
• The recipient/s (name, relationship, sex, address, contact number, etc.).
• Verification of the “special dates” you previously entered, and you’re done!

What’s so special about Flower Flo?
As we have already stated, we’re in the business of emotions, and nothing pleases us more than seeing someone happy! Flower Flo, San Diego’s premier flower company acknowledges the importance of small, yet priceless gestures in life. It is never too late to show someone how much you care, with Flower Flo as you’re partner, we’ll make sure they feel as special as you you intended.

Flower Flo makes life easier by offering a service that is:
• Punctual
• Cost-effective
• Provided friendly and courteous delivery workers
• Values relationships and helps you maintain them with a selection of the most beautiful flowers available in the San Diego region.

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