Cherish your moments with Flower Flo

It’s the little things in life that we should be grateful for, and that’s exactly what inspires us here at Flower Flo. Small things can make a huge impact on someone’s day, someone’s week, someone’s month… Nothing say’s “I love you” like a beautiful and unexpected flower arrangement. If you’re like 70% of the American working population who work past 5pm and who are exhausted after a long day’s work, picking up a bouquet of flowers is the last thing on your mind. Not to mention by that time of the day, most of the day’s fresh flowers have already been sold. That’s where Flower Flo can help. We make it easy to send flowers to anyone you would like to make feel special.

Flower Flo’s monthly subscription package is an opportunity not to be missed. Once you choose what you would like, and establish your budget, you’ll leave the rest up to us. We’ll get your flowers delivered on time, every time.

How does Flower Flo make your life easy?
We’ve never met a woman who doesn’t like flowers! Whether it is your wife, your mother, your girlfriend or even your crush, we can give you access to flower arrangements that will simply “wow” the intended recipient, at an affordable subscription cost.

Flower Flo eliminates the burden associated with visiting a flower shop, spending all your time trying to select the best arrangement, and then paying an absurd amount just to jump back in your car and drive them all the way home.

In fact, our process is so simple that we’ve often been told that it’s too easy. Don’t believe us? Here’s one of our latest reviews from a happy customer:

“If it wasn’t for Flower Flo, I don’t know what I would have done for my anniversary. I was in a rush and I called and spoke to one of the company’s fantastic service representatives. She suggested signing up for the subscription and specify her anniversary date when signing up she and made sure it was delivered to my wife at work that very same day. It really made my day when I arrived home to see her flowers on our dining table and the beautiful smile on her face. You saved the day, Flower Flo!” – Paul, Spring Valley, CA

What you need to do?
When you choose to work with Flower Flo, our procedure is as easy as it gets. Simply log on to enter your information and start an account. That’s it! You are ready to view our seasonal range of flowers, and select the arrangement that you know will suit that special someone best. Once you’ve made your selection simply add a few minor delivery details, including the time and date of your special delivery dates, then sit back and relax…..mission accomplished!

If you have any questions about Flower Flo’s tailored monthly subscription solutions, please don’t hesitate to call us 619-371-9361 or email us at

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